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3:6:9 Cleanse: Day 1 and my WHY- and how it's related to my upcoming Memoir

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Love those California Wildflowers!

Yes, I am a dancer, a writer, a mother..and many other things. But what comes beneath all of those roles? If we're not healthy, not feeling inspired, or not happy about our body, how can we best serve in this world? Health truly comes before all else. It's like the first building block, a foundation that all else lies upon.

Back in my former lifetime, in 2008-2012, I went through a massive healing crisis. While I was exploring the world (before I owned an i-phone to guide me) living and working in Singapore, Thailand, India, Bali, and the Caribbean, I was dealing with chronic digestive issues that were so severe I actually feared for my life. I was in excruciating pain most of the time. I could barely eat anything because of how sick I felt. And mainstream doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me.

Years later, after searching the world for answers (quite literally!), all health issues I once experienced were gone. Effectively, by 2014, I healed myself was given a new start in life.

I am grateful to have found many mentors, teachers and naturopathic doctors who helped me along that bumpy road.

But now, fast forward to 2020...even with no symptoms or health issues, is there still a need to cleanse?

I say YES! We are exposed to so many toxins on a daily basis, many of which we can't even avoid. Add to that all the buildup of toxins we've been exposed to since childhood and all the generations of toxins that have been passed down to us through DNA.

In this series of posts I'll be sharing my journey on the Medical Medium advanced 3:6:9 cleanse. I am not a medical doctor, nor do I have any other connection with the Medical Medium other than I really love his work and can see that his approach, channeled directly from Spirit, works!

FYI the cleanse I'm referring to is the 3:6:9 as described in Anthony William's book Cleanse to Heal. There are 3 versions and because I like to go all-out, I'm doing the advanced version. I'm choosing to blog about my experience because I think it may be helpful to others who are also on the healing path and to get an inside look of what to expect on this cleanse.


What this cleanse entails:

Basically, for 9 days you are consuming raw fruits and vegetables–but in a very specific sort of way which I'll explain below. Also, you are eliminating all "radical fats" (nuts, seeds, avocado, oils, etc) for the entire duration. There are key reasons for this which it takes several chapters of a book to explain, but in a nutshell (no pun intended), radical fats prevent your body from detoxing fully because they clog up your bloodstream.

Every 3 days (and then again on day 9) the cleanse advances a little, leading towards an all-liquid fast on day 9, with your body rebuilding trust along the way. (Think of all the times your body may have felt betrayed by you–you need to go slow to allow your body to know everything is ok!)

Starting on Day 1, there's 32 oz of lemon or lime water, followed a bit later by 24 oz of celery juice, followed a bit later by the signature heavy metal detox smoothie. Lunch is the liver rescue smoothie (or spinach soup), and dinner is a choice of 3 salad meals. Snacking on raw apples or pears in between too. And more lemon water and then hibiscus tea in evening. When I first looked at this cleanse, I actually laughed out loud, thinking I could never consume so much food in one day! but then I changed my mind on the afternoon of Day 1.



I would opt to say that Day 1 is the hardest day because it's the easiest to back out! You're not really IN yet, so it's easy to find an excuse...maybe you've been invited out to dinner, maybe your partner cooks you a delicious pasta meal, maybe maybe maybe. There's always a way out until you really find your WHY.

If you have a strong WHY, then Day 1 is fun and exciting because it's the start of something new, and the vision pulling you through to the end is strong. Before starting a cleanse it's crucial to really know WHY you're doing it, and to get your whole self on board.

Here's my WHY:

In reading Cleanse to Heal, I was fascinated to learn all about adrenaline, specifically how it gets stored in your cells (especially your fat cells) as well as in your organs during times of extreme stress. And not only that, the adrenaline stores the memory/emotion of what you were going through at the time when the excess adrenaline got sopped up for storage. This instantly got me thinking back to a time a few years ago when I was in a very toxic relationship, where I was hit so hardly and unexpectedly with tidal waves of betrayal, shock, and grief that I'm honestly surprised I lived to tell the tale. That's how intense that experience was. After reading the chapters in Cleanse to Heal about adrenaline, I just had this feeling: I'm holding all of that trauma inside my cells. And it's got to go, NOW! All those awful painful memories (which honestly I don't think about anymore) are stuck somewhere in my body, and I want them OUT!

So- that is part of my why. And it's also part of my book. In fact, healing and rising up after that very experience is the very subject matter of my memoir...

Stay Tuned for Day 2!!!



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