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3:6:9 Days 6-9

The last 4 days of the cleanse were full of ups and downs, but mostly ups! Way more energy, less sleep needed, happier, lighter, brighter...

I was tempted to break the cleanse many times (while my family was enjoying delicious-smelling gluten-free pizza on Saturday night, for example), but I stuck with it, because I had already made it so far it would be crazy to break it for a fleeting craving.

But still, there were moments when it was quite challenging because those cravings are intense.

Nevertheless, I persevered until the end!

I am already looking forward to repeating this 9-day cleanse every month and making it part of my everyday life. I can see how powerful it is, on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level equally as much as physical. It is truly a miraculous healing tool!!!

In relation to my memoir coming out soon, I feel like this cleanse allowed me to release many of the toxic, traumatic experiences I went through that I write about in the book. It literally feels like my cells have been cleansed, on a very deep level. This is so cool, because even as my story gets re-lived in a sense when people read my book (which has a happy ending, I promise–it's not all bad!), I feel pretty detached from the events I wrote about, so I don't need to emotionally ride that story again along with my readers once the book is released. It's a story I can look at from a completely different lens...

Thanks for following my 3:6:9 journey and here's to your health!! Santé!!!

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