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Book Release Party, Traumaversaries and Alchemy

Two weeks ago was my Book Release Party!!!

There was movement + dance, singing, book signing and book reading.

There was a glorious, huge FULL MOON rising out of the water as our backdrop.

There were yummy cookies and even yummy bookies!

There were fun conversations and there were PEOPLE (real people, not screen-people).

The most magical/cool/weird/slightly freaky thing was that this Book Release party was on October 30th, which was the day that the most climatic event in my story took place, 3 years ago to the minute. At sunset on October 30th, 3 years ago, I endured the last of the abuse from my former partner–abuse which had escalated to a whole new, unthinkable level and which you’ll just have to read the book to find out about (because I don’t want to shock anyone right now!). When I realized that I was planning the party for that same EXACT date and time, on my 3-year “traumaversary”, I actually started to freak out. I didn’t want to have a party on that day. I wanted to be alone and deeply sad on that day, not celebrating. Why should we even celebrate? This book came out of a horrible traumatic experience that turned my life upside down and ruined my life, forever. Why would I want to celebrate anything about this? Those were just some of my thoughts.

It took deep inner work to be okay with celebrating my victories on that day, rather than grieving my victimhood.

What is truly miraculous as I think back to that night, is that ALCHEMY had truly taken place. Being able to be surrounded by my friends and family and to CELEBRATE a book that will inspire others…A book that came out of such a dark, difficult time…that is true alchemy.

Sending you transformational vibes on your own healing journey,


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