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Praise for Eris Rising:

"unforgettable. . .a riveting story that connects to the heart and soul of the reader." – Readers' Favorite (5-star review)

“Lose yourself in this stunning true story following one young woman’s transformative journey from the pulsing streets of New York City, to the tropical jungles in paradise, to the jaw-dropping cult world tucked away on an elite Dallas compound. With every astonishing twist and turn, Courtney Ramms’s life falls deeper into the rabbit hole. This warrior woman must lose everything in order to find herself and save her unborn child. I could not put Eris Rising down. This is a book you will insist your friends read next just so you can continue to talk about it long after you finish the final page.”

Holly Kammier
Best-Selling author of Kingston Court

Eris Rising is a scary-good book. Scary because it tells a story of a beautiful life gone sideways—so far sideways that the author is dangerously close to going over the edge. Against compelling odds, Courtney manages to right herself. Therein lies profound life lessons. Eris Rising . . . get a copy, settle in, take your time, read it slowly, patiently, and learn.”

Brad Alan Lewis
Olympic Gold Medalist and author of Assault on Lake Casitas

Eris Rising by Courtney Ramm should be required reading for every woman between 18–55. Ramm reveals a personal story that could happen to any one of us. While packed with nonstop gripping, dramatic moments, Eris Rising is simultaneously ripe with humor. By the end of her fateful journey, Ramm transforms into a grade-A heroine you’ll cheer for and admire!”

Natalia Rose
New York Times Bestselling author

“Courtney’s strength, determination, family bonds, and open heart formed the foundation for the warrior aspect of her soul to emerge. Eris Rising’s message is inspirational to all struggling to make sense of their personal journey.”

Linda Freud
Co-author of The Healing Gift


“Courtney brings us on a deeply intimate and transformative journey of healing, forgiveness, and reclaiming our personal power. Eris Rising reminds us of the sacred gift—our warrior within.”

Sonia Choquette-Tully
Co-author of You are Amazing and daughter of globally celebrated spiritual leader Sonia Choquette

Eris Rising is a compelling story of resilience. Courtney reaches out to anyone who, while searching for life-partnership, is taken in by alluring charm and in doing so, pardons the tell-tale signs of narcissism or sociopathy. This is a story of hope for anyone entangled in an intimate relationship with a destructive partner and, in writing this, Courtney offers connection to those feeling alone or stuck in their journey. Eris Rising is a call to everyone to be present with what is real versus what is wishful, to realize our true supports, and honor one’s inner voice.”

Marie C. Carstens
Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist

Eris Rising is a triumph that will inspire all those who need the encouragement to find their inner power when they need it the most. Kudos to Courtney! She proves that love, truth, and courage can conquer anything!”

Victoria Bearden
Astrologer and Intuitive Counselor

“Courtney writes with clarity of purpose, keeping track of the thread that pulled her into the strong warrior she is today.”

Thea Keats Beaulieu
Director, Biosonic Enterprises LTD
Author of Color Love Journal and Dancing with the Elements

“In this captivating, searing, page turner of a memoir, Courtney Ramm describes the potential for deception that many young women may face, resulting in a devastating loss of personal power, along with the courageous steps that must somehow be taken in order to regain it. Courtney recounts the events of her life-changing saga with a precision that matches the depth of her mission. She finds within herself the planetary archetype of Eris, Feminine Warrior for Soul Purpose, as she learns to speak her truth.”

Henry Seltzer

 Author of The Tenth Planet: Revelations from the Astrological Eris

“Courtney inspires the reader with her honest self-reflection, reminding each of us that our next level of expansion is always within reach.”

Mark “Dr. DREAM” Peebler
Facilitator / Catalyst / Dreamer

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