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3:6:9 Cleanse: Day 4 (The BIG release!)

Day 4 of Medical Medium 3:6:9 (advanced version)

Once again, I felt GREAT!

Thinking clearly, energized all day, tons of energy to run around and play with my 2 toddlers, and loving the routine of this simple yet profound way of eating.

By Day 4, I had lost 5 pounds when I weighed myself in the morning, and although weight-loss was not my #1 goal with this cleanse, I can see how much of an effect even just 5 pounds of toxins leaving can make. In other words, I look much better!

Night of Day 4: This is where it starts to get interesting!

The Medical Medium says that adrenaline from toxic experiences can get stuck in your cells, and even in your organs where it is still holding on the memory and emotion of what you experienced during a trauma. When you cleanse, adrenaline can finally leave your body and allow you to more fully heal (on all levels), because adrenaline is toxic. He even says you might have some intense emotions, or emotional dreams at night…

During the night after day 4, I had an intense dream that engulfed me in unbearable heartbreak. In the dream, I was re-living a past trauma and my heart was actually bleeding. Or at least that’s what it felt like while I was inside the dream. It was so real, so intense, so all-encompassing. I witnessed myself in the dream. I was in the dream but I was also able to watch myself, a younger, more innocent and naive self, going through unbearable pain as her heart was literally shattered. I was sleeping. Not awake in any sense. And I was revisiting a memory that is so far gone from my current reality that I was shocked to remember that I had ever felt those feelings.

Thankfully, I woke up from the dream, and a thought crossed my mind, at 3:45am: This is the adrenaline leaving my system. This is a good thing. Let it go.

While it was scary to feel an emotion I haven’t felt in so long, it was incredible to realize that the Medical Medium is so spot-on, and that I could finally let go of stored pain I wasn’t even aware of, taking precious space in my cells for joy and life-force.

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