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It's COVER REVEAL DAY!!! Woohoo!

I'm excited to share the cover of my upcoming memoir, which releases in September.

This book cover took a really, really long time for the designer to get right. I was even worried for a while that I may just have to be okay with a “bad cover”, and just get over it. At least the book’s good, I told myself. But alas, with patience and an incredible publishing team, the cover came to life and it exceeded my expectations.

The hardest part of designing this cover was picking a photo to work with, and I had to choose one of two directions:

To have baby in the photo with me…or to not have baby in the photo with me (???)

This was SUCH a difficult decision. I had narrowed the photos down to 2, each being very different (one solo, one with baby)–although both taken on a similar beach setting.

I really just could NOT decide. (I’ll blame my astrology: My moon is in Libra which means I can always see the benefit to both sides of a situation) So, I went to Facebook to ask my friends their opinions and I got incredible feedback that helped guide me. Some comments really stuck out to me:

"Really, you can’t go wrong with either—very beautiful. ✨ Both will be inspiring to different people, for different reasons. I choose the one of you alone. Only because as both a woman and a mother, I like the idea of Mothers contemplating the importance of maintaining a sense of self outside of the very sacred role of Motherhood. So many women struggle with this...they have such feelings of shame and guilt when they take time (or simply feel they need time) for themselves. The image without the child gives me the sense that this is a woman that encompasses many facets of womanhood."

"They are both beautiful and very different, if you want warrior mamma, imagine A (with baby) - if you want fierce as sh*t, photo B (solo pic)!"

"I love the solo picture because it embodies the visual of a warrior goddess.

It is a majestic and a

Powerful image."

In the end, I decided on the solo photo because as a mother, I am constantly being “overtaken” by my kids (in the best of ways, really) and I wanted to show an image of being a powerful warrior on my own, without any adorable babies to hide behind. I'm sure mothers out there can relate!!!

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