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Day 5: Feeling Alive

Surprise, surprise–Feeling Great!

A note on exercise: Why I’m loving this cleanse is because unlike other juice fasts (and water fasts) I’ve done in the past, I actually feel grounded and energized on the Medical Medium 3:6:9, and I'm able to exercise as much as I please. I take long brisk walks, jog, go to the gym in my condo, dance, jump on my rebounder, and never feel tired or like I need to rest. I remember clearly how in past juice/water cleanses how much my lower back/kidneys would ACHE constantly. On this cleanse, there's none of that. Phew! After reading Cleanse to Heal, I’ve learned how those past cleanses were actually harming my precious body more than healing, because they lacked critical blood glucose, making my adrenals go on overdrive to compensate. All that lower-back aching was probably my kidneys saying, Whoa! What about us??

A note on children & cleansing: The more I enjoy eating this super-light way, the more I am thinking about my two young children (1.5 and 2.5 years) and how I can encourage them to eat in this way, with more fruits and veggies and less filler foods (rice, gluten, dairy, pasta, etc). It’s tricky, as many parents know, because we want our kids to EAT so they can GROW! While my kids do love fruit, they also barely nibble all day, yet they have boundless energy and unlimited joy. I’m thinking about ways I can introduce a new way of eating that will fully nourish them and slowly let go of foods they’ve grown to rely on that down the line may cause health problems.

Night of Day 5: Another emotional release night.

Thankfully, the memory of unbearable heartbreak already passed through on Night of Day 4 (see previous post), so this time, it was a memory of teenage years, and “friends” being, well..not so nice to me. The emotion was one of deep hurt. The characters in the actual dream last night were mostly unknown to me, but the strong painful emotion is one I remember from those tricky teenage years when girls can just be plain mean. Glad that the stored adrenaline from those difficult and traumatic times is GONE. Getting clearer and lighter every day :0)

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