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Who is Eris and Why is she in the Title of my Book?

The title of my memoir is Eris Rising.

My guess is you haven’t heard of Eris. (I certainly hadn’t either!)

So…who is she???

Eris is actually a planet. Well, a dwarf planet, thanks to her size. Upon the discovery of Eris in 2005, Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet as well. Her discovery certainly stirred up a lot of commotion!

Yet, more than a planet in our solar system, the archetypal significance of Eris is what drew me in to learn more. Just as planets such as Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all hold weight in your personal astrological makeup, so does Eris. The archetype of Eris is one that immediately caught my attention.

Named after the Greek Goddess of Strife and Discord, Eris does like to stir things up a bit. Eris won’t be hushed as she calls out injustice. Known as the feminine warrior for soul purpose, Eris will continue to fight for what is right. She calls out truth and fiercely protects what is sacred. Eris is not afraid to fight, and she will if that’s what is necessary to defend justice and truth. In order words…you don’t want to mess with Eris.

Throughout the majority of the experience I detail in my memoir, I had not yet heard of Eris. I also had no idea would later write a book about what I was going through. But once I started learning about Eris, and researching her astrological significance, I realized how much I had to glean from connecting with this powerful, vital female force and archetype.

To learn how to connect to Eris through the trials and tribulations of your own life, I humbly recommend picking up my memoir, Eris Rising: A Memoir of Finding the Warrior Within, endorsed by the leading astrological expert on Eris, Henry Seltzer, author of The Tenth Planet: Revelations from the Astrological Eris.

Eris Rising is available for pre-order here.

May the strength and force of Eris be with you!!!

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